Thursday, 4 July 2013

Reverse tethering

Looking for something like "Reverse tethering" in your smart phone

Wifi tethering has been one of the most crucial features of any smart phone, especially Android phones. We have heard and used this feature very often. Here basically what happens is, you share the internet connection of your smart phone via wifi so that other wifi supported devices can connect to your device and be able to access internet.
What if you want to have the same feature in your computer? What if a computer shares its internet connection so that other devices, including smartphones, can connect to it?
Here we go. That indeed is possible.
You can use a WIFI DONGLE for that purpose. Wifi dongle is generally a USB device which looks like a pen drive. It serves the basic function of connecting to a wifi router to give access to internet.
Apart from that, it can also do the reverse. That is, if you have a broadband connection on your computer, you can share this connection via wifi dongle. All you need to do is to follow these steps:

1. Purchase a wifi router. Here I give some links in case you plan to buy it online.



2. Install the driver of the wifi dongle. The driver CD is provided with wifi dongle.

3. Install Connectify software. Here is the link to download :  (Download all files on this link)

This software enables wifi dongle to share broadband connection.

4. After you are done, connect the wifi dongle to pc. Open Connectify application and "Start hotspot" from it. Search for the name of this wifi hotspot in the wifi devices list in your smartphone, laptop, tablets etc.

NOTE: Read the Install.txt file on this link and follow instructions to install the software.

There may be some apps available for reverse tethering. But such apps require rooting of phone or, in other words, root access to the phone. Using wifi dongle leaves no such constraints. We just have to turn on wifi in phone, search for the name of wifi hotspot created from pc and connect to it, as we do with a normal wifi router.
This technique is basically connecting your smartphone to a wifi device, which is the wifi dongle using which the wifi hotspot is created. So be it a laptop, Android, iPhone, Windows phone or any other phone with any operating system, if it has wifi support, broadband connection of computer is shared on these devices.

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